quinta-feira, 3 de março de 2011

The Path to "Eureka!" - 99% of perspiration and 1% of transpiration.

There are two basic ways to format a business: drawing on something that already exists, or innovating the same. Both forms are valid, but being the second most difficult, is therefore the most risky and rewarding, for you it combines the DNA of their entrepreneurial vein. We should remember also that we should always bear in mind what kind of entrepreneurship that we fit, hence to obtain the best results.
In my case, I'm there at least five years thinking about the product with which work and which I dedicate and relinquish: time and neurons. But even so, the wide range of products and services we produce and act, has always been a great challenge to figure out what the main focus of the business, since it contains innovation in every cell of your existence. Adjust the focus of our enterprise on the market (what he wants? What he wants? What pleases you? What he expects?), Given our situation (as is my commitment? As my finances are "as is my ability investments or leverage capital? how I make decisions for enabling more accurate?) according to our expectations (and the original goals that we had to adapt in the face of situations that arise) is not easy. Especially when we have an innovative idea or product where there are many references to be taken as a basis for trial. This difficulty has to be handled with great persistence and calm, to obtain answers that unfortunately will not be obtained through consultancies or studies - at most they can assist with the implementation of questions that help the driver of the project to get the answers .
I'm glad today to start getting some of these responses. Parts of the big puzzle with which I fell when I chose to undertake with popcorn and popcorn carts began to come together. I'm able to adjust the focus, but only now, after three years filled with ups, downs and a total failure with a bomboniere.
In the next text will explain what tools are helping me to find focus when the business has so many ramifications and opportunities, and what the mental condition to achieve this.

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